Hidenori: Hybrid Picking Theory - demo from new lesson book

Gregory Bolomey: Kiesel Guitars AM7 Aries Multiscale - chunky original

Jared Dines: Rings Of Uranus - Aliencore - prepare for a headache

Gianluca Ferro: Guitar lesson: "Sweep & Tapping" from with tab and article

Joe Bonamassa: Mountain Time - Royal Albert Hall Live 2009

Carl Mörner Ringström: Silent Night with Johannes Zetterberg, Jonathan Lundberg - creamy fusion tones for Christmas

Allan Marcus: Oakland Axe Factory SS7 2015 limited edition - huge tones!

Widek: Hidden Dimensions EP Teaser 1 for upcoming release 2016

Alexandra Zerner: new album - Aspects 2015 - Teaser #1

Joe Satriani: Announces 2016 G4 Experience - Returns to Hometown - Long Island, NY with Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Alex Skolnick & Mike Keneally

Tony MacAlpine: an update from Tony

Neil Peart: retires on health grounds according to

Julien Sanchez, Dorian Carretta: Fallen Abyss Guitar Playthrough - Super chunky riffs from Grenoble France

Michael Avery: Mesozoic Veil - Guitar Playthrough - 9 string progressive djent

Sidney Sablier: As A Forest, As An Ocean - guitar playthrough - tasty progressive djent