Nita Strauss: to Co-Host 2016 She Rocks Awards on Friday, Jan. 22, 2016, in Anaheim

Ian Ethan Case: The Comforter 18-String Guitar Candyrat acousti tapper

Jeff Waters: Annihilator - 2015 tour rig rundown with Hughes & Kettner

Rob Scallon: Win a GHOST FRET!!! (video contest w/ Yousician)

Andy Wood: creates his "Slow Vibes" StarJam Loop

Johnny Hiland: creating the StarJam Loop "Johnny's Jam"

Bart Hennephof, Joe Tal,Uri Dijk: Textures - New Horizons playthrough - from the new album Phenotype - progressive djent from Tilburg, Netherlands

Özgür Abbak: guitar solos - fretted and fretless exotic soloing - I instantly want a solo instrumental album from the guy!!

Anthony Lipari, Charlie Shaughnessey, Bryan Baker, Tom Geldschläger: Thoren by Thoren - heavy progressive technical metal from Sterling Heights