Leda: Tonick Dizain guitar playthroughs - Far East Dizain 1 and 2 Japan progressive Djent!

Dhalif Ali: JTC Jam Of The Month DECEMBER

Jared Dines, Cole Rolland: Shred Wars - jared dines VS cole rolland

Michael Harris: "Classical Conditioning" - written for his debut CD, "Defense Mechanizms"

Chris Brooks: AC/DCat Jam with Ralphy the cat

Paul Gilbert, Bruce Bouillet: RacerX Scit Scat Wah - Groove be damned - don't let Paul fool you, he can shred like the best!

Brev Sullivan: Kiesel Carvin guitar chicken pickin' "Nashville Kid"

Vinnie Moore: U.F.O Guitarist - Interview Guitar Gods TV Spain

Chris Bieniek: Guitar Solo for Charity 3# 'Mountain Gorilla' Notation/TAB available

Tom Quayle: Monday Jazz Blues

James Norbert Ivanyi, Rohan Stevenson: I built the sky and Ivanyi announce our First Co-Headlining Australia tour 2016