Dave Bishea: A lawsuit Ibanez flying V

Dave Bishea
New guitar day! A lawsuit Ibanez flying V (PR1660). I've wanted one of these since seeing Paul Gilbert use one many years back. This was a top of the line model in 1985, but Ibanez only made them for a few months before being sued by Jackson over the Rhoads V resemblance. The bridge design pre-dates the Edge tremolo, and the neck is a little bit thicker than the Wizards that came after. I've read this was the first model to feature the now standard Ibanez pointed headstock. This one is in a rare custom color that's either a faded early Road Flare, Five Alarm Red, or it could even be Carotene Orange. Factory oil-finished maple neck, 22-fret ebony fingerboard with a flat radius, and an American alder body. #nerd