George Lynch: Full Live Guitar Clinic - Q & A - Elkhart, Indiana - November 2002

Hey Everyone! A Special "THANK YOU" to good friend, Jen Rosenberg, who along with her friend "Susie" captured this amazing GEORGE LYNCH CLINIC in Elkhart, Indiana, filmed sometime in November, 2002! Full Unedited Live Clinic, also showcases Jen Rosenberg presenting George Lynch with a special gift, Scrapbook of his fans! George tears it up jamming to some CD's of NEW Lynch Mob CD, Live band performances including "Mr. Scary", "Tooth and Nail", signing autographs, a fun Q&A from fans from guitar tips, influences, current work projects, favorite bands, and much , much more! Tons of trills! In 2002, George was already evolving his guitar playing style, more fiery, tastier, bluesier, and scarier! See inside! Hope you enjoy! Cheers, everyone! Thank you Jen and Susie for preserving this historic and amazing clinic!
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George Lynch | Full Live Guitar Clinic | Q & A | Elkhart, Indiana | November, 2002 |