Viacheslav Kavlenas: Chocoslayc SHREDDING BRAZZERS – Vivacious

Great solo at 2:00
Hey everyone! Our second release is already here and it's hot as hell! Take a deep breath and forget about what you've all just been doing till this moment. It's not about who we or who we meant to be. It's about the spirit inside us. So let it go again and groove with us! You are alive! You are vivacious!

Attention! We did our best to surprise you as much as possible. Some of you might be not ready for this one. This video can cause hysteria, horny level increase, mind blow and the lyrics can stuck in your head. In this case try not to panic and watch VIVACIOUS several times.

Camera and Edited by Aleksey Misyurov
Sound by Roma Kharyukov
Director \ idea by Viacheslav Kavlenas, Aleksey Misyurov

SHREDDING BRAZZERS - mystery ( official video )