Victor Lafuente: Constellation some crazy arpeggios variation magic

Sam Bell: Sir Shred - Sir Duke - Stevie Wonder

Don Alder: Armed and Dangerous - acoustic tapper back and dangerous!

Ryuuta Sasaki: C#m Ballad Jam - tasty playing in this laid back jam time

Art Rodriguez: playing the new DiMarzio pickups Titan 7™ - Jake Bowen signature

Warren Hughes: George Lynch Guitar Method Guitar Contest with Tony Fuentes - well tasty

Steve Dadaian: Pareidolia - Guitar Gods Festival competition

Tyler Morris: Guitar Gods Festival competition

Alberto Rigoni: Bass Guy featuring Doug Wimbish, Stu Hamm, Anna Sentina and more

Misha Mansoor,Jake Bowen, Mark Holcomb, Adam Nolly Getgood: Periphery's summer jam details

Top Ten: US states that love shredding guitar 2015 and the top 100 guitar loving countries!