Jacek Krolik, Jakub Żytecki: Washburn Parallaxe Artists shredding up some short scaled Oscar Schmidt acoustic guitars

Wayne Krantz, Nate Wood, Tim Lefebvre: great live performance level 1 to 7

Luís Kalil: Speed Metal Symphony Laney Booth 2015

Mattias IA Eklundh, Baiju Dharmajan: impromptu jam at Calcutta School of Music India - Exotic duets

Andy James, Bryden Lewis: Jam at Furtado's guitar clinc, Bangalore, India - absolute shredathon!

Rick Graham: The 'Secret' to my Guitar Technique - it's all in the thumb

Luís Kalil: demos his Reverse Tapping technique

Adam Ironside: Finding Motivation - how to stay motivated when you are not feeling much like playing guitar

Ian Ethan Case: The Gift - 18-String Guitar

Jack Thammarat: Jam Of The Month January 2016 - super tasty solo work

Mark Holcomb: How to Play Periphery's “Mile Zero”

Rohan Stevenson: I Built The Sky - Uncinus

Plini, Troy Wright: ARMI Unleashed - Exclusive Interview and live performances from Australia

Jan Akkerman: Blues Route Mezz Breda 2016

Steve Marchena, Jon Finn: Cavatina and Six Minutes in Cminor