Eric Calderone: David Bowie - Life On Mars? Meets Metal

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Kirk Fletcher: Burning Blues Guitar - UK tour 2016 - this guy is a must see player!

Shyam Singh: Tap of The World - Two Handed Tapping and Polyrhythms on the Guitar

Nott Sanpeth: Etude No.1 - high quality piano and guitar neoclassical performance

Matteo Mancuso: Andromeda, Rhode Island Shred, Technical difficulties - stunning picking technique

Matt Calvert: Three Trapped Tigers Silent Earthling - progressive rock London

Darren Housholder: The Double Stop Podcast Ep. 88: Shrapnel, Love/Hate guitar star

Brad Russell: GHS string demo - Bass "Beat It" performed by Brad Russell NAMM 16

Carl Mörner Ringström: plays Loreen's "Euphoria"

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Andy Wood: testing out Diesel amps at NAMM 2016

Nita Strauss: headed out on a European clinic tour

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