Sergey Golovin: Music Man Axis / Fluid Liquid Amp Short Clip

Dean Murphy: Strange and Delightful Turn of Events - 8 String Guitar Playthrough

Tomo Fujita: soloing Roland Blues Cube amp - Boss RC-1 -

Kelly Simonz: transcendent guitar seminar Shimamura instrument Kyoto shop.

Rob Marcello: String skipping, Arpeggio, Pedal Point Lick

Samuli Federley: The Death Of Benelaius solo for Epicrenel

Yoshinori Seki: #Solocontest2016 a great fusion approach!

Davide Ciura: #Solocontest2016

John Kiefer, Marshall Harrison: Moto Perpetuo - an original piece for electric guitar and piano (2010)

Nili Brosh: rehearsing A Matter of Perception" January 20th, 2016.

Rick Graham: Scales, Sequences & Melodies using Natural Harmonics

Scott Jones: Spoken - Wendell Holmes - an early scratch track w SJ solos

Lee Luland: announce Prospekt's new band line up for the upcoming album

Victoria Blanchard: "Dachshund Dance" - great clean tone jazz fusion composition

Niki Nussbaum: Paul Gilbert Twelve Twelve Shred Lick solo

Keith Dick: Leftlanetheory - Epic Train - if Crazy Train worked out!

Ivano Icardi: About Me - Working With Suhr Reactive Load

Jimmy Pitts, Marco Minnemann, Tom Geldschläger: Faint Beautiful Glow solo - The Psychic Planetarium

Adrian Weiss: Aim To Please full song live in Duisburg - ENGL Ironball

Pablo Romeu: Metal Solo - yes we have free TAB with that

Bruce Bouillet: Guilford RX88 Guitar Demo Winter NAMM 2016

Shreddelicious: The All Female Musician NAMM photo shoot passes 50,000 views

Kee Poh Hock,Myles Yang: Native Construct "Mute"

Guthrie Govan: Aristocrats February - Italy, some Switzerland and some more Italy!