Bruce Bouillet: Those Who Know Clinic Ikebe Japan 2016

Dana deChaby: Niccolo Paganini Caprice #5 - 7 string electric guitar

Milan Polak, Ron Thal: Devil On My Shoulder solos

Lorenzo Venza: Funky soloing - with Schecter Custom Shop , Sunset custom

Tom Quayle: The Chicken - 4k test - Panasonic G7 Camera

Julian V Eriksson: The second track from the EP - A Silent Shore

George Marios: KODY - Live at the Crypt

Josh Martin: Little Tybee - BIAS FX For His "Tuck My Tail" Playthrough

Joey Tafolla: Jag Panzer - The Color of Black - 70000 Tons of Metal 2016

Jere Kortelainen: #Solocontest2016 - tasty riffing and solo work

Gianluca Ferro: In The Making Of " A Hole In The Ocean"

Davide Ciura: rocking out for Jam of the month - February

Beto Kobayashi: with a bucket load of blue tone Telecaster feelings

Pablo Romeu: Rock fusion jam with free tab

Bub Zulu: with some creamy cool soloing for JTC February 2016

Panos Arvanitis: pushes Santana, Gary Moore and Yngwie into a blender to make some ear candy

Jason Richardson: Solo Album Studio Update 5 - all about that bA$$