Jostein Odland: Concert: Jostein Odland with cork - dippers our

Elena Pirino: Always with me, Always with you

Richard Daudé: JTC Jam Of The Month - March 2016

Tom Quayle: The Guitar Hour - S1E1 - The New Series!

Rick Graham: A Strat, A Marshall And Some Clean Tones

Derryl Gabel: UV Mega Pack is NOW on SALE!!!

Keith Dick: Leftlanetheory - Clarity

Brandon Gan: .strandberg* Boden OS Plini Signature

Martin Miller: Ibanez Talman, Atomic Amplifire - Late Night Practice

Rob Marcello: Racer X - Loud And Clear

Leah Woodward: Diezel Zerrer - Aliases - Exasperated Instrumental Guitar Demo

Paul Wardingham: 20 Epic Metal Licks

Rob Garland: Jam Of The Month March 2016

Ian Bemolator: Power Ballad Improvisation - E Minor 80's Power Ballad Guitar Backing Track

Atanas Shishkov: Ibanez RG570CB - Late Night Ballad - AOR style ballad two handed tapping

Uli Jon Roth, Andy Timmons,Jennifer Batten: Mind-fuck - Hendrix Watchtower

Mario Camarena, Erick Hansel: Fall - Chon - made back when we were at the Sour Patch Kids house

Tom Quayle, Martin Miller: trade solos at the IQ Strings booth at NAMM 2016.

Frank Gambale: performing at the DV Mark at Winter NAMM 2016.

Andre Nieri, Bruno Valverde: Practicing some new fusion material

Drewsif Stalin: .​.​.​Comes To An End (Instrumental) by Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors - Instrumentals