Matt Schofield, Tomo Fujita: Fun blues funk jam with a Blues master Matt Schofield at JJ Guitars NAMM 2016

Bob Gjika: Gjika 10 ^n amp powers of ten guitar amplifier, slide

Reece Fullwood: Open Ground Eumeria - Guitar Playthrough

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Adieu Adyu: Bear God - vigier tapped and fretlessly wah-wahed

Artur Cabanas: Soundtracks - mix of blues, surf, and weird things like "spaghetti western soundtracks". great new album

News: Daemoness Guitars is a custom Metal guitar workshop in Bristol, England

Rusty Cooley: adds some exotic spice to his Golden Room Backing Track jam

Danny Tunker, Per Nilsson, Hannes Grossmann: Bare Trap - single from fusion project

Reece Fullwood, Matt Guillory, Derek Blakley: Eumeria - Open Ground

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