Dhalif Ali: Tone to die for with Ernie Ball Musicman JP6 Mystic Dream

Jack Gardiner: Come Together - Chris Campbell Modern + Rockbox Boiling Point

Alex Ciarelli: Shred With Me - Descending arpeggios

Dave Celentano: Triads for the Rock Guitarist: A Complete Guide to Understanding and Using Triads

Atanas Shishkov: Sunny - Ibanez RG570FM Transparent Magenta - 1991, Fujigen, Japan

Tim Pierce, Pete Thorn, Scott Henderson: Tim And Pete's Guitar Show #5

Oz Noy: MI Clinic - Rhythm Guitar Tips

Andre Nieri: Suhr Modern Pro HSH Sound Demo

Nita Strauss: The Captain interview and Quist Jam the solo

Flint Blade: spontaneous Chapman Stick and vocal improvisation #3

Lorenzo Venza, Alex Argento: one from the archive jam over Holdsworth

Paul Gilbert: I Can Destroy - Official Premiere

Allen Hinds: Xotic Guitars California Classic Series XSC

Andre Nieri: performs “Nostalgia” at the 2016 Suhr Factory Party.

Steeves Austin: Flamencore - Steeves Austin vs Vicente Amigo - flamenco metal mashup

Roy Marchbank: Talks Technique! Unbelievable Alternate Picking - check out the pick!