Jamie Glaser: Tutorial on what Jamie played on guitar on "Infinity" for the APB band

Scott Mishoe: Etude Andrea

Mark Holcomb: Periphery Priestess lesson, arpeggiating into chords

Rohan Stevenson, Jake Howsam Lowe: i built the sky - Stratiformis

Marco Iacobini: A cup of shred wine ( part II ) Live

Rob Marcello: Yngwie Malmsteen - Black Star

Warren DeMartini, Michael Schenker: RATT Ballys Las Vegas Sep 1991

Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai: Generation Axe - Black Star guitar blow out!

Thomas Blug: new CD and DVD coming in May 2016

Jakub Żytecki, David Maxim Micic: Disperse and Destiny Potato UK tour dates 2016

Tara Lynch: details of upcoming debut solo album Evil Enough produced by Derek Sherinian

Andy Wood, Nick Johnston: Atomic Truth Tour date in Nashville!

Michael Lee Firkins, Barend Courbois: live Band, Blues Garage, 2016

Luke Jaeger: Beverly Hills Cop theme song rendition

Rob Garland: Jam Of The Month April 2016 JTC

Ryan Carraher: "Gdansk" Live Solo performed at Berklee College of Music.

Aaron Marshall: inside a Webcam Lesson by Intervals finest

Remy Hansen: Big Bart's Cover Up and Tapdancer playthroughs

Pedro Molina: Metal Symphony - original playthrough

Victor Lafuente: some pretty cool Tapping Arpeggios

Andre Nieri: Primeiro Chôro a little acoustic Chôro n' Roll

Marcel Coenen: Sun Caged Raismes and Headway Festivals 2003

Brett Garsed: wears Allan Holdsworth t-shirt for six part series in Guitar Techniques magazine