Lari Basílio: A little piece of my original song called "New Time".

Daniel Realpe: "The searching" Guest Solo

Chowy Fernandez, Ramiro Arias: Kava Hu - The Unwanted Child - Studio Video

Ray Suhy: Guest solo on "Open Coffin Orgy" by Six Feet Under

Jess Lewis: Amazing Grace - Jairus Mozee

Simon Peter King: has kindly created a jazz backing track channel

Sarah Longfield, Rob Scallon: Discussing their methods of Tracking Guitar

Scott Van Zen: Game Of Tones - great slide guitar

Kelly Simonz: Sunset - Gary Moore - super tribute from live clinic

Marcel Coenen: Practising .... Sun Caged stuff, for the 20th of May show

Jayce Landberg: "Kusamura" Live At Hard Rock Cafe, Stockholm

Drayen Labie: Janek Waltz Studio - fusion performance playthrough

Ivan Chopik, Ola Strandberg: Guitar Messenger Strandberg Guitarworks [4K] NAMM 2016

Sam Coulson: Burning Pentatonics Lesson 1 and 2

Jack Thammarat: Shadows And Light |

Kosta Vreto: Guitar Masterclass + Metalizer set for 5 June 2016 at Prova Studios!

Daniele Gottardo: The Nuts -Giant Nuts = a second preview from the new Nuts Trio album

Francesco Marras: Time Flies promo video - classy rock instrumental

Fredrik Halland: Being A Session Musician