Ben Azar: 5th Anniversary - dedicated to Lily Azar

Kelly Simonz: Enter The New World 2016 Live in Kagoshima

Neil Zaza: Somewhere in Time Hotone XTOMP

Yngwie Malmsteen: Miami Strat overload for Young Guitar 2016 July

Rob Chapman: Vox Starstream - the latest evolution in onboard guitar electronics

Rick Graham: Some Tones With A Carl Martin LoGain

Sam Coulson: Jamming on my Pedal Board

Timo Somers: Aristides 060 signature guitar Think Pink

Zakk Wylde: Rig Rundown - with premier guitar

Stel Andre: Chill Sessions 3 promo

Jack Gardiner: talks about upcoming Portavella Guitar Camp in Spain featuring Guthrie Govan

Eric Steckel: Great Jam at the Maui Sugar Mill 2016 - blues from the heart

Gerson Antezana: two from the incendiary lick catalogue

Ian Bemolator: JTC Jam Of The Month April 2016

Alberto Rigoni: Overloaded - bass play through - Marco Sfogli guitar

Tiago de Moura: Rock Guitar playing with Feeling

News: Unplug for Summer with PRS Guitars SE Acoustic Factory Authorized Sale

Yohei Kimura: Gianluca Ferro‘Dark Matter’cover (BIAS FX test)

Peter Ciluzzi: Something About Circles - Acoustic Guitar

Luke Fortini: C64 Ghosts'n Goblins (metal version)

Steve Vai: Modern Primitive / Passion & Warfare (25th Anniversary Edition) pre order

Alex Stornello, Andrea Martongelli: Jean Pierre

Tom Lippincott: The Half Diminished Sound

News: Make’n Music Announces Limited Edition American Standard Offset Telecaster

News: Zoom Introduces the H4n Pro, Offering Superior Performance and Upgraded Features

Sebastian Salinas: Guitar Symphony Book and MP3's covering Alternate Picking, Sweep Picking, Tapping, arpeggios, scales, modes and many more