Luis Kalil: initial details for upcoming release

Sam Bell: Mr Jacket Rock with a little Yngwie shredding

Gerald Gradwohl: Gradwohl/Lackner/Gustke/Wegscheider - "Melker Blues" - live

Tomasz Madzia, Adam Wiktor: Shredding Solo on Adam Wiktor's Destroy

Kirk Fletcher: "Feels Good" and "Greasy Wobble" TonePrint for HyperGravity Compressor and Viscous Vibe NAMM

Steve Pruitt, Scott Jones: Snarky Puppy drummer on From Nothing with Scott's outstanding fusion lines

pARTyzant: an original performance of Stuku Puku - Acoustic Tapping

Kevin Suter: releases Vigils and All That Settles Is Dust - ambient progressive metal from Florida

Patrick Healy: Setting a Course for Tomorrow by orchestral prog rock from Halifax