Arsafes: Digitech Drop Pedal Metal Demo

Michael Sweet, Ethan Brosh: Bizarre - from One Sided War

Plini: Electric Sunrise - UK Tech Fest 2016

Aaron Marshall: of Intervals composing 'The Shape of Colour' amidst chaos - EH-ggressive Tendencies

Kit Tang: Learn In 20 Licks: The Fragile

Jared Dines: Shred Wars Contest!

Lari Basílio: A Million Words - to be featured on

Irene Ketikidi: MofoLand - Rambler live @ Kookoo 2016

Jan Laurenz: charango - dedicate this composition to Dimitri clown which sadly passed away

Tristan Klein: A Prayer - blues for Friday

Tim Pierce: Rock Solo - How To Solo

Willian Castro: Sweet Melodies - Modal Connection