Jack Gardiner, Tony Martinez: footage from recent guitar jam session

Chris Bieniek: Guitar Solo Pick Study #2

Kelly Simonz: Sunset from transcendence guitar seminars

Vincent Brzezinski: Kufra At Dusk and Totalitarian Sphere - Cover by a little guy

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Adam Ironside: .strandberg* creamily spanked for #JaredDinesShredWars

Joe Calderone, Adam Rafowitz: Isometry - djentinstrumental progressive metal from Fort Myers

Per Nilsson, Mattias IA Eklundh, Kee Marcello, John Norum: Axemen of Sweden - streaming options available

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Chris Broderick: Dives Deep on his Jackson USA Signature Soloist Hardtail Models

Jack Thammarat: Practicing "The Sky Was The Limit" ending part.

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Olivier Contat, Marc Guillermont, Frans Vollink: Meet Itself Along The Way - Olivier Contat Project - top notch fusion