Jess Lewis: performs Sisters by Steve Vai

Pinxi Liu: YoYo - Angel Of Darkness and Cross from the 9 year old Shanghai shredder - incredible finger articulation

Gyniee Indum: Kiesel Guitars Solo Contest - #kieselsolocontest very tasty melodic

Yusuke Ohnishi: Kiesel Solo Contest Entry - #kieselsolocontest - atmospheric and super sonically exciting

Cacá Barros: Kiesel Guitars Solo Contest | #kieselsolocontest - nice harmonics

Allen Hinds: promo about his music and CD's

Brunno Henrique: Kiesel Guitars Solo Contest - #kieselsolocontest - wildest tapped solo yet?

Arya Akbara: Kiesel Solo Contest - #kieselsolocontest Methiums takes a hot solo - but is the cat real?

Sebastien Garsia: #Kieselsolocontest - tasty looking plank to spank

Viktor Zahariev: Kiesel Guitars Solo Contest Entry | #kieselsolocontest - some nice insanity licks

Alex Hutchings: stretching the shred elastic - Shred-tastic..!!

Pellumb Qerimi: Kiesel Guitar Contest Entry #kieselsolocontest - current favourite to win by view count

Vinícius Ferrari: Kiesel Solo Contest - #kieselsolocontest - very tasty

Panos Arvanitis: Yngwie J.Malmsteen Style via Fretboard camera

take4886: In Control - great emulation of Vinnie Moore

Mohini Dey: Pace of Mind - Mentors & Mohini Dey - Instrumental Music

Pinxi Liu: YoYo - Far beyond the sun - Yngwie - 9 year old girl