Matthew Lake: Depression Cape God Competition

Alfie Bradic: Terra Car GOD competition 2016

Min: nightscape - GOD competition

Yamato, Seku: Alternative Tactics, Second Urgent Issue

George Greaves: Jamming in BCN - Guitar cam only - Boutique Profiles - tasty soloing

Greg Howe, Lee Luland: Greg to appear on the upcoming Prospekt album! A tasty prospect indeed!

Thanwa Toy: Toys - Cat on the Roller Coaster, Solo In Am, 'Til the rain comes and Closer to the Moon

Jon Cowherd, Mike Moreno: The Neighborhood Church Greenwich Village 7/1/16

Dylan Furr: DF-1000 Guitar Play Through : DFB - "Domino"

Takuya Nakagawa: Kiesel Guitars Solo Contest - lovely looking guitar

Yusuke Hiraga: Revelation and Seasons - Guitar Master Japan 2015

George Lynch: Clinic, PMT Music Birmingham, 4 April 2006

Ono YoshiRei: Break the Silence - original live performance GIT MASTERS Japan 2013

Sam Coulson: Squier Thinline Tele VM 72 - Review for L&M

Lari Basílio: SiM - Yes - consistently interesting on the ears.

Atanas Shishkov: "Slow Blues" - back with some tasty soloing

Mateus Asato: Señor Tobias Asato Ecstasy | BIAS FX