Joe Pinnavaia: JTC Jam of the Month December 2016

Hugh Myrone: Live Playthrough In A Moving Car

Brandon Gan: Kazrog Thermionik 79 marshall jmp , mike soldano modified plug in

Martin Miller: Little Wing - Live in the Studio

Senri Kawaguchi: announces pre order for the new album CIDER!

Vanny Tonon: Fender Stratocaster Blues on the Candy Apple Red Stratocaster

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther is BACK with a brand new album... can you help them lower the bar?

Daniel Realpe: Guest Solo - Mind Machine

Paul Rose: live performances - The Bitter End in New York 2016.

Plini, Per Nilsson, Paul Masvidal, Yvette Young, Sarah Longfield: The .strandberg* NAMM 2017 details arriving

Al Joseph: Alternate Picking Masterclass

Paul Wardingham: New guitar tabs and backings are now available in the store

Michael Casswell: Tribute Concert announced

Senri Kawaguchi: announces pre order for the new album CIDER! - JFusion

Yasi Hofer: still time to get signing CD's for the new album

Jen Majura: plays... Honest As Fried Chicken - from this year's Freak Guitar Camp 2016 by Mattias IA Eklundh

Scott LePage, Tim Henson: Polyphia | LIT- plus tour dates

Dark Vader, Shadow Ranger, Red Guard: Galactic Empire - Rehearsal One: A Galactic Empire Story

Nili Brosh: A min/harmonic min Shred