‎Øyvind Owane Pedersen: Dunno by Owane - another album for your Christmas list

Blake Rurik, Raj Krishna: The Power Of One by OmnisighT available for pre order

Matthew Mills: performing at Cana Vineyards in Middleburg Virginia 2016

Michael Angelo Batio: Zeppelin Forever w/DV Mark Multiamp

Eva Vergilova: Midnight playing - special performance with the Cheapcaster

Martin Miller: Between You and Me - Live @ Off the Road Studios

Jeremy Krull: The Mezzabarba MZero Overdrive - awesome chunky riff city

Jason Becker: Swiss Picks - The Becker Bleu Cheese!!

Drewsif Stalin, Eric Emery: Sledgehammer - BIAS FX

Nick Andrew: Backseat Bicycle - extraordinary performance from the man who lives in a car.