Paul Gilbert, Bruce Bouillet: Racer X @Troubadour LA,CA 08-09-1986

Dan James Griffin: Paranoimia Guitar Playthrough from Sentimentality the new EP

Simone Dow: Voyager - Ghost Mile - PledgeMusic Campaign Video

Matteo Brigo: To the Time Machine

Spencer Bassett: The second episode in the EP trilogy

Levi Clay: Transcribing Guthrie Govan

Rob Guz: improvising to Holiday Insane - 11-stringed guitar

Felix Martin: Cosmo Basket (Guitar Playthrough)

Bob Gjika: Burning in a just built Gjika 10n with kt77 tubes.

Jarle H Olsen: a series of tribute solos to Alex Skolnick

Mamoru Goriku: Blue Waves - Single Cut, Les Paul Style at ESP FACTORY 2017 - Killer JMetal

Rohan Stevenson: i built the sky - Aviaticus

Mateus Asato: Heavenly eye - Acoustic noodling - North (天の目)

Rick Graham: Sunday Shred

Martin Miller: An End in Itself - Live at Off the Road Studios

Nick Johnston: The Maple Mosh (1080 HD)

Gonçalo Pereira: Compro Kalashnikov series of playthroughs