Jason Richardson: Hos Down (The Lit AF Tour 2017, ATL)

Yvette Young: Covet Ares, Sea Dragon, Nautilus - The Lit AF Tour 2017, ATL

Steph Goyer, Graham Bacher: Protean Collective - Indigogo Campaign Video 2017

Joe Bonamassa: Benedum Center and MGM National Harbor 2017

Rob Guz: Sand - on 11-stringed guitar - another amazing performance of an Allan Holdsworth inspired piece

Armando Rubio: I Am guitar playthrough from Onomasy - Ashes and Dust

Dan James Griffin: Verrückt Guitar Playthrough for upcoming release " Sentimentality"

Takayoshi Omura, Fujioka Mikidai: The Gathering Of Metal Warriors

Ryo Kawasaki: Level 8 - Feb 25, 2017 Ryo's 70th B'day Full Concert

Nili Brosh: Nilick of the Week #114: Dorian Intervallic Tapping

Martin Miller: Laney China clinic tour 2015