Gerald Gradwohl: live concert - Live at Bluegarage Oct 7 2016

Samantha Fish: Chills & Fever Tour - Sellersville Theater 2017

Michael Angelo Batio: Pedal Point for Guitar -

Deshaggar: yngwie malmsteen evil eye death core and jason becker altitudes

German Schauss: Staring at Destiny

Kostas Alexakis: Melodic Emotional Improvisation By Alex K - tasty ballad soloing

Lucas Zembrzuski: simakDialog - Tak Jauh Kedua - super looper

Leonardo Guzman: Guest Rock Solo for "Izquierdo"

Lyle Watt: "The Number Six Dance"

Fabrizio Leo: solo work for upcoming album

Nuno Bettencourt: Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee (Hong Kong live segment)

Hugh Myrone: Myrone soft-shreds his way across the galaxy

Steelianos Amirides: Lick #1- Advanced Wide stretches combo

Matthew Sickels: Donna Lee Practice/ Back to the Future

Mike Campese: Italy Clinic Tour 2017 Announcement

Tom Quayle, Rod DeGeorge: Musically Speaking and Interview

Joel Gregoire: grabs an endorsement from Hughes and Kettner!!

Tom Quayle: Sound Affects Music clinic this Saturday

Lari Basílio: "Black Money" by my friend Prashant Aswani

Marcelo Rosa, Mario Freiria, Lore Paz: LA JAM - METAL I

Steph Goyer, Graham Bacher: Protean Collective - "Emerge" Lyric Video