JiYeon Lee: Sunny - Greg Howe - performance at sound check from amazing 10 year old

Nili Brosh, Nita Strauss: Toronto Ibanez Guitars clinic

Courtney Cox: Reaching the parts that other beers can't reach with Heineken 0.0

Juan Simón Ramirez: Little Oceans by Soap Revelations

George Marios: KODY - Tastiest Melodic Guitar Jam Ever

James Norbert Ivanyi: Announces Skype lessons and upcoming EP

Greg Howe: New US tour dates

Sarah Longfield: work on some new Strandberg Art

Leonardo Guzman: Avientame - Cafe Tacuba

Saki: performance from the thirty-fifth Makai Virginia Mary's Blood lead guitarist

Leticia Filizzola: performs Kaspar Jalily's Morning groove