Adam Bentley: Arch Echo - Afterburger Playthrough

Josh Kay: "Absence of Time" Melodic Tapping

Maria Barbieri: Furia Taurina - John Petrucci

Yoshinori Seki: Countdown and Michelle - tributes to Allan Holdsworth

Zac Tiessen: performs “Prime” on EMGtv

Ola Englund: Prostate Solo - long solo from the original fundraiser

Husa Toledo: Cartoon Theory - Roko's Basilik Experiment and CRISE Guitar Playthrough

Fran Alonso: Knaggs Steve Stevens T2 and Kemper Profiling

Panos Arvanitis: Charvel USA Candy Plum Demo

Kiko Loureiro: Grammy Unboxing

Tomo Fujita: Pon Pon Pon Isn't she lovely Jam with Katamali

Al Ridgway: spocktrometer - Jaden Rose drop top 7 - ripping jam!

Mateus Starling, Teo Dornellas: Master class at the Starling Academy of Music.

Leonardo Guzman: improvisation over #periphery's marigold on my boden8 by strandberg guitars

Stéphan Forté, Franck Hermanny: ADAGIO - Darkness Machine - Pre Order available

Richard Hallebeek: Nor Is This (w/J.van Helsdingen)

Brad Bradbury: Fused Guitar backing track time - Uplifting G Major and Gospel Blues

Nili Brosh: "The Chase" Intro Solo

Lari Basílio: Filter Mood - another high class performance from this musical master

Sherry Lin: Bob's diy kits bdk pedals - skyisland distortion demo.