Mike Salow, John Whitaker, Hedras Ramos: Oxygen" (feat. Hedras Ramos) | Ideology | Guitar Playthrough

Jason Sidwell: Nature Boy (4K) - PRS baritone and Fender Stratocaster Elite guitar

Shawn Lane: Lanefastjazz - what it must be like if you just had a five shot Americano

Brett Garsed: guest solo | Fredrik Pihl -Static alteration

Matt Powell: Richie Allan - The Heavy Metal Ninjas - Melodyck

Lee Luland: Prospekt - The Illuminated Sky (Solo)

Ola Englund: My Warmup Routine

Richard Hallebeek: Live w/Jeroen van Helsdingen Band

Kevin Glasgow: Giant Steps

Doug Steele: Guitar improv over Em backing track - smoking soloing!

Sam Birchall: Fingerstyle ideas - Riffing on the Boden Classic

Rusty Cooley: LIVE with Day of Reckoning July 14 2017

Thomas McLaughlin: The Story of the Steve Vai Flame Guitar

Peavey: USA Made HP™2 Guitar

Marshall Harrison: talks and plays 7 string during burning shred practice

Tom Quayle: The Guitar Hour - Live from Laney Amplification

Violet Heart: *instrumental Rock Guitar* Get Closer

Serj Tankian, George Lynch: Discuss Indigenous Genocide And Human Rights

Tom Morello, George Lynch: plus Gabe Rosales - discuss injustices to Native Americans, Human Rights issues and ways to make a difference

George Lynch: ESP NJ Guitar Clinic @Zorro Sounds 2013