Jon Rose: Pathways premiered the 42 piece symphony, "Symphonic Poem (Overture)"

Lari Basílio: By Night - Brazil Tour Dates

Al Joseph: NIGHTLIGHTS (Full Band Playthrough)

Nili Brosh: Nilick of the Week #136 - "High Strung" Solo

George Lynch: Lynch Mob / Making of "The Brotherhood" / New 2017 Album EPK

George Lynch: Sweet & Lynch - The Making of "Unified"

Lee Luland: Prospekt - Beneath Enriya (Solo) - state of the art firepower

Jose Macario.- ... One word, incredible

Francesco Congia: Line6 Helix Guitar Guthrie Govan Patch Collection

Tom Quayle: New Streaming PC Test

Mats Moland Træen: Toxic Vehicle - new instrumental tune

Yngwie Malmsteen: Skogsröjet, Rejmyre 2017

Brock Davisson: A Smooth Weekend [line 6 Helix]

George Marios: KODY - Megadeth | Tornado of Souls MAD VERSION - Kodyfied

Oli Herbert: From All That Remains On BIAS FX

Mika Tyyskä: Jam Along With Mika! 'The Hills 1996'

Chris Gordon: Viking Licks - Picking and Warmup lessons to give you the Viking edge!

Gustavo Di Padua: Saturday Solo GP #1 - The Simple Things

Andrea Cesone, Andrea Cappellari: Shred-Fun Jam!

Marshall Harrison: MCH GUITAR: Fri Night Live!! - more guitar goodness for the prince of economy picking