Arielle: set for Eric Johnson and his Ah Via Musicom tour!!

Michael Lee Firkins: European tour dates 2018

Liam Engl: Mera - Psyker [demo]

Stephen Platt: Collibus UK tour announcement

Steph Goyer: Kicking off our east coast “Collapse” tour tomorrow in NYC!

Lari Basílio: Dynamic Distortion, Guild D-55 and Instagram Licks compilation

Paul Rose: The Lost Soul

Tom Quayle: Signature Session

Rick Graham: This Solo Clearly Sucks!! or so the dog thinks!!

Tatiana Pará: Guitar Idol 8 - Blue Wave (live)

Kelly Simonz: Allegro Maestoso - Judgement Day - live shredathon!

Tony Martinez: I feel the need ... for S P E E D !

Luís Kalil: Boulevard - title track from the my upcoming 2-song EP

Derryl Gabel: demos Allan Holdsworth The Drums Were Yellow 50% Tempo

I Wayan Balawan: Parisienne Walkways by Gary Moore

Derek Sherinian: God of the Sun - Psychotic Symphony and more

Yiannis Papadopoulos: Metal Shredding Improvisation