Kaspar Jalily: Stunning Synth guitar jam - Jamorigin Midi guitar

Marshall Harrison: Friday Night Guitar - battling the gremlins to get those notes out on time

Walter Trout: Vintage Guitar magazine - Fargo Blues Festival

Dan James Griffin: Butterfly - Behind The Shoots and Playthrough

Steve Terreberry: Auto-Tuning Guitar! 53 and one half step bend.

Sophie Lloyd: Made of Wax from upcoming EP

Sarah Draper: two handed, eight string etude

Nicolas Waldo: Nebula - fret board melting Official Video Clip (2018)

Tim Pierce, Reece Phillips: 1959 Gibson ES-345 & 1959 Les Paul Reissue

Michael Dolce: playing over a Luca Mantovanelli backing track

Antonello Giliberto: Endless Labyrinth (Journey Through My Memory, 2015)

Mika Tyyskä: Secrets & Magic: Mr. Fastfinger - great melodic instrumental rock

Alex Skolnick: FaceCulture spoke with Alex about touring, playing piano, playing guitar

Matt Powell: Rick Graham solo from Hos Down

Tom Quayle: 'Lush Wash' Flashback 2 Toneprint

Jeff Loomis: Ernie Ball | Paradigm Plus Fortes Que

Glenn Proudfoot: Monster Licks V3.0 No: 1

Ola Englund: Feared - HATE MANTRA - Guitar Play Through with Tab

Robby Baca, Cam Maynard: Clairvoyant The Contortionist - Mesa Triple Crown TC-100 and Multi-Watt Dual Rectifier.

Pritesh Walia: Dorian Lick in Am

Keith Merrow: Alluvial - "Lila" Through Peavey Invective Amp