Dan Mumm: A Glimpse Beyond 2018 Redux

The 2018 remake of Dan Mumm's original song "A Glimpse Beyond" - song written, recorded and performed by Dan Mumm. Full tab available below.

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Guitar is the Dan Mumm Signature Guitar (DM100) by Greeson Custom Guitars with the Dan Mumm Signature "Dominatus" pickups by Planet Tone.

Special thanks to everyone on Patreon who helped make this possible including:
Karin Popken, Mamiko Asakura, Nigel Foster, Nick Olmen, Timothy Mullen, Keith Kone─Źnik, Ian Fanning, Franz, Ryan Henley, Bradley Pool and Mason Engelken - thanks for your continued support and for helping make this possible!

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Video shot and edited by Maxxxwell Carlisle

Dan Mumm - A Glimpse Beyond 2018 Redux - (Official Music Video) Neo-Classical Metal