Marc Guillermont: with Ranjit Barot live and recording sessions

Alfie Bradic: G.O.D. - The Sprawl / Alfie Bradic - G.O.D.III Official Short Guitar Playthrough

Allen Van Wert: Diminished arpeggio sequence

Satoshi Oka: G.O.D. 3rd album "G.O.D.III" now available worldwide.

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Sam Coulson: Becoming a Pro Guitarist Clinic - Series

Tony MacAlpine: Escape - Demo track taken off the "Lost Treasures" demos. Later appeared on the Madness album

Tim Henson, Scott LePage: Polyphia Euphoria tour concert from A38 Rocks 2017

Mamoru Goriku: After A Dream - Demonstration at Mi Japan Osaka 2018.3.18

Angel Vivaldi: adenosine - the sleep molecule. [ GUITAR PLAYTHROUGH ]