Adam Rafowitz, Adam Bentley, Joey Izzo: Arch Echo will be hitting UK with Scheirmann in summer 2018!

Eva Vergilova: HEY! - new instrumental track

Thiago Trinsi: Something Just Like This - Solo


Brev Sullivan: Kiesel vader clean tones tapping.

Atanas Shishkov: Natural Fusion Groove - Ibanez J.Custom RG1308 NT,1996

Naia Izumi: 2018 NPR Tiny Desk Contest Entry

Kevin Blake Goodwin: Strandberg Boden Metal 8 Demo + album preview

Roberto Granados: What If Bach Were Progressive Metal? - Invention No. 4, BWV 775

Sam Beck, John Alsop: Echo Spiral - Death Ray (Official Video)

Al Joseph: Progressive Workout Masterclass Vol.1: Alternate Picking

Andy James: Kiesel Crescent Demo - a marriage made in heaven

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Brain talks about Buckethead (Health Update) 2018

Sophie Lloyd: After Insanity (Original Song)

Richard Daudé: Lick Library melodic minor backing track superb legato

Luís Kalil: My First 7string Guitar | ESP EII Horizon FR-7

Kiko Loureiro: How to hold a guitar pick while drinking coffee [legendado]

Mike Terrana, Marco Iacobini, Dino Fiorenza, Stefano Sastro: Live at Crossroads Music Club

Dmitry Andrianov: Guest solo

Ben Azar: Maktoob - Guitar Solo from Yossi Sassi's new album

Sam Bell: Office Meeting Area - Line 6 Helix LT

Daniele Gottardo: My Favorite Things

Gary Hoey: Interview - Everyone Loves Guitar #223

Stephen Carpenter: ESP Guitars: Stef's Customs - Glow-In-The-Dark Baritone 8-String

Kee Marcello: solo from old rehearsal footage video from EUROPE