George Marios: 9.11 - Guitar Instrumental (Line 6 Helix Tones)

Fabrizio Leo: "Bicio" working on a new album 2019

Andry Lagiou, Panos Arvanitis: Real Time Improvisation

Martin Miller: Music is Win - the Soulful Shred King

John Norum: EUROPE's Tour the Earth 2018 - First time in Australia!

Sarah Longfield, Adam Neely: Writing a song in 15 minutes

Alex Nazaretski: "Etherial" - song from my upcoming instrumental progressive metal solo album.

Kelly Simonz: Now Your Ships Are Burned

Annie Grunwald: Stoked to demo this badass plugin by Mercuriall.

Molly Tuttle: White Freightliner Cardiff 2018