Lee Ji Ho: 이지호 Knaggs Sheyenne Demo

Chris Brooks: Sweep Picking Speed Strategies for Guitar

Andy Wood, Uncle Ben: with Seth Rosenbloom guitar clinics/shows in NC this weekend!

Dio Henda: Ibanez Flying Fingers Indonesia 2018

Sims Cashion: Kiesel Guitars - on a Zeus Acoustic Multiscale 8 String

Rick Beato: John Mayer Vs Joe Bonamassa

Plini: Turns Lullabies Into Prog Songs

Vinnie Moore, Tony MacAlpine: Lifeforce (instrumental) + The Maze (feat. Tony MacAlpine) Live in Japan 2018

Tony MacAlpine, Vinnie Moore: Live in Japan 2018

Nathania Jualim: Finesse - PRS Paul's Series and Valeton Dapper Amp

Plini: Sunhead new EP due at end of July 2018

Michel Oliveira: Brutal Riffing EMG MF Set| Marty Friedman Signature

Puttikorn Witayarat: in the pink... Practice sound in my head before solo

Kay Brown: Sunny improvisation

Angel Vivaldi: On Robbs Metalworks 2018

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