Shant Hagopian: Semantic Saturation - Carousel of Death - great track from the second Semantic Saturation record PARADIGMS

Rick Beato: How To Promote Your Music YOURSELF

Sylvya Boschiero: EUROPE-The Final Countdown and Superstitious Guitar Solo Cover

Adam Hughes Henry: The Tyranny of Shrouds - Just War Theory - progressive rock with looping pedal technology

Evgen Tsibulin: Polyphia - Nightmare (Rearranged Guitar Cover by Tsibulin feat. Marcell Roncsàk)

Olly Steele, Senjougahara Yousei, Ichika Hukui: Von Citizen - Mechanic feat. Olly Steele of Monuments) [Guitar Playthrough]

Juan Dhas: Catharsis great contemporary jazz fusion from Bogotá, Colombia

Shawn Lane: listening to the master in this low light interview

Kuba Sawicki: IAMONE - Of Life: Awakening (Guitar Playthrough) Super crunchy modern pressive metal

Steph Goyer: Protean Collective "Under Siege" (full band playthrough)

Kelly Simonz: Opus#2-No.2 from BLIND FAITH

Kim Tae-gum: You Do not Move Me

Park Yoo-mi: Passing the Practical Music and Others of Dongduk Women's University in 2018 - (N Control)

Joe Pinnavaia: Fuzz Pedal demo - Roth Amplification Green Fuzz and more - Big Tones