Ivan Herman: Angered Crowd - Hell - Guitar & Bass Playthrough

Alek Darson: Special Providence - Irrelevant Connotations Playthrough

Julien Brunet, Philippe Picard: in Disarray - Bridges - Metalcore

George Karayiannis: Chasing Dots - Untold

George Alpha: oRi zAg 1.4 (original track - playthrough)

Allen Hinds: Xotic Guitars booth at the 2018 Gakki Fair

Reb Beach, Donnie Wayne Smith: Winger live - Madalaine, guitar solo, Seventeen@Whisky A Go Go, West Hollywood 2016

Marina Krupkina: N. Koshkin - Gagliard (10 string guitar)

Kiko Loureiro: Practicing for endurance before the show

Dave Brons: Celtic Rock Guitar Performance - New Course Coming Soon.

Marshall Harrison: GuitarTech episode 6 with Marshall Harrison

Nita Strauss, Becky Lynch: Stay the Course // Part 1

Larry Mitchell: Tuesday night Facebook Live from Georgia