Vinnie Moore: Check It Out! with incredible Jam - December 1, 2018

Kai Kurosawa: The Tone - Part 1 - Performed by Got Monk?

Andy Gillion: "The American Dream" - EPISODE 1 - Mors Principium Est

Michael Angelo Batio: Shred Dead Redemption Tour - The 1st of several MAB tours for 2019

Walsuan Miterran: Apocalypse - the new album

Keshav Dhar, Devesh Dayal: Sunshine Dust by Skyharbor with the stunning voice of Eric Emery

News: The new label arrives with an exclusive global label services deal with Universal Music Group.

Binayak Shah: Contemporary / Funk Rock / Fusion groove

Roy Marchbank, Atma Anur: work we are doing on the upcoming CD. Modern orchestral fusion

Stéphan Forté, Neogeofantic: Shred Guitar Battle