David Nyman: Harley Benton Fusion-II Pro

Shawn Lane: The Willys, Live from Memphis Sound October 8th, 1988

Frank Gambale: Live @ Baked Potato 03.01.2019 Song Title: "teaser"

Yngwie Malmsteen: Monsters of Rock Cruise - Gonna build a wall!

Tim Miller, Janek Gwizdala: The Lily Pad in Cambridge, MA on 2/28/17

Oz Noy, Brad Miller, Sean Rickman: Little Wing(Hendrix) - Patrick Bartley Jr. At Richie's NYC 2017

Sammy Boller: Loop 2

Ben Eunson: All The Things You Are | transcription

Sebastien Zunino: Jazz Funk Fusion Guitar Solo

Tomáš Raclavský, David Maxim Micic, Adam Bentley, Morgan Thomaso: Modern Day Babylon - Undefeated (2019)

Nita Strauss: The Guitar Collective tour part 2