Keven Eknes: BIAS FX 2 Demo | Download my tone for free!

Thomas McLaughlin: Mc Rocklin Spec Osiris Live with Jeff Kiesel

Matt Fack, Toby Peterson-Stewart: The Omnific The Mind's Eye

Matteo Mancuso: Pat Metheny Group - Have You Heard -

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Jacky Vincent: China Masterclass tour highlights and The Tempest 2016 // Dean Guitars

Ben Eunson: Solo (with "Claffy"), Live 2016 - killer fusion

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Plini: invites you to Vai Academy 5.0!

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Charlie Robbins: Working on a new EP!

Stel Andre: Fusion Funk Jam with my Kiesel Guitar

Nick Kellie: C Major scale improvisation - monster sweep improvised solo

Bill Pohl: Guitar Instructor at Music Go Round, Ft Collins

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T-cophony: solo performance "Solitary walk" (with GoPro hero 7)

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Marco Sfogli: 'Dawn' Full Playthrough (from the album "Homeland")

Sam Boller: two handed tapping etude

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