Binayak Shah: ZAPPED

Lucas Moscardini: Heart.

Juliana Vieira: Clean VS Fuzz - Who wins?

Sophie Lloyd: Madame Butterfly - Giacomo Puccini

Sonia Nusselder: Burning Witches - Six Feet Underground

Arielle: Nothing Can Keep Me From You - Eric Johnson Solo and Hammer To Fall with Brian May

Lucas Zembrzuski: Plini 2020 backing track contest

Joseph Anidjar: Quarantine Sessions - NVM - Free Fractal AxeFx Patch

I Wayan Balawan: Parisienme Walkways /Air in G Balawan Live

Victor Lafuente: "24 Grand Avenue" Michael Lee Firkins

Brunno Henrique: Orchid - Toneforge Misha Mansoor Demo Song and Playthrough

Christian Muenzner: Homemade Neoclassical Blackened Power Death Metal

Jennifer Batten: Riff Kitchen is serving up a tantalizing F dominant riff_9

Maria Barbieri: Jam Of The Month - April 2020

Truth In Shredding: Shred This Too - 10th Anniversary