Bryan Baker: announces details of upcoming 9th solo album, "Dextra"

Bryan Baker: announces some European dates with the Bill Evans band

Anthony Lipari, Charlie Shaughnessey, Bryan Baker, Tom Geldschläger: Thoren by Thoren - heavy progressive technical metal from Sterling Heights

Bryan Baker: Meshuggah makes Bryan's top 10 albums of the year!

Bryan Baker, Ariel Mann: The Making of Vesser - hardcore progressive + math metal

Anthony Lipari, Bryan Baker, Charlie Shaughnessy: Thoren - crunching new album on bandcamp

Bryan Baker: heading back to Sweden early next Month

Bryan Baker: Aphotic - coming up to ten-year anniversary

Bryan Baker: updates his web site for his book Principles of Music

Bryan Baker,Bob van Luijt,Sebastiaan Cornelissen: Live in Amsterdam improvisation sessions -stunning sessions

Bryan Baker: live at The Royal Chapel, Brussels - killer acoustic from a master tactician

Bryan Baker: The Lacuna Variations

Bryan Baker: Bryan Baker 4 Live in Sweden - crazy improvisation skills

Bryan Baker: An artist strives for innovation and provocation?

Bryan Baker: Nothing Falls From The Sky But You And I

Bryan Baker,Tim Lefebvre,Andy Sanei: Lupo - isn't Jazz, isn't Rock, isn't Electronica, isn't Jam Band, isn't Blues, isn't Funk, and isn't Indie

Bryan Baker, Tim Lefebvre: Live at The Baked Potato

Bryan Baker: improvisations in the Orange and the Potato

Bryan Baker: in Netherlands for gigs

Bryan Baker: Telephone series