Rob Guz: Funnels - Allan Holdsworth theme on 11-stringed guitar

Rob Guz: Nona Star in C-drone Space

Rob Guz: Night jam - The theme of Devil Take the Hindmost (A. Holdsworth)

Rob Guz: Sand - on 11-stringed guitar - another amazing performance of an Allan Holdsworth inspired piece

Rob Guz: improvising to Holiday Insane - 11-stringed guitar

Nick Andrew: Allan Holdsworth-Metal Fatigue that pitch shift is a 4th

Rob Guz: discussing the pitch interval in the tune Metal Fatigue

Rob Guz: improvising on 11-stringed guitar to Stranger Things theme

Rob Guz: Distance vs. Desire - 11-stringed guitar

Rob Guz: is that an 11 string guitar i see before me?

Rob Gux: 11 string guitar alert!