George Lynch: solos

t-cophony: introduction

Marty Friedman: guitar lessons

Marc Playle: direct injection is dean tapolicious

Marius Pop: dean guitar goes pop

Nicolas Waldo: shred solo

News: truth in shredding reaches 250,000 visitors!

Vinnie Moore: shockwaves podcast

Rusty Cooley: special edition cd

Charly Sahona: venturia hybrid on the way

Johan Liefvendahl: seventh wonder

Jayce Landberg: the spell has been broken

George Lynch: don dokken and george won't be getting married anytime soon

Benny Jansson: tears of joy

Theodore Ziras: joins hybrid

Harã Lemes: dangerous manoeuvre

Reece Fullwood: heir to the throne

Steve Lukathar: wipe off the cobwebs and wipe away the tears

Michael Angelo Batio: double necks

Carl Verheyen: vintage guitar show

Uli Jon Roth: scorpions tour

Steve Lukather: ill and cancels shows