George Marios: in love with robin williams guitars!

Vinnie Moore, Patrick Rondat: milan guitar day on the way

Hedras Ramos: cool live solo pre guitar idol final!

Jack Thammarat: live on thailand's channel 9, scorchio!

Igor Paspalj: in satch mode

Marc Guillermont: space animals cd available

Jason Sadites: brett garsed on new cd

Trey Gunn: ktu new cd

Christophe Godin: jazz for the deaf cd

Jack Thammarat: robin williams guitars!

Daniele Gottardo: wins the Steve Vai guitar idol prize!

Steve Vai,Phil Hilborne: photos from the lims live show

News: shredding across the world III, it's like this blog got recorded!

Andy James: live all over the place!

John Eric Champion: back for more fusion jam