Oscar Morales: another shred this too from Peru!

George Marios: shredding the hell out of shred this too. love this take!

Sascha Scharnowski: more fluid soloing for shred this too!

Martin Miller: second take fusion shred this too!

Giorgio Rovati: Marco Sfogli's shred this too... er two!

Eric Johnson: Cliffs of Dover Live NAMM

Jan Hoeglund: shred this too, lefty les paul style!

Mark Day: Suhr sounds good to me shred this too!

Dennis de Bruijn: shred this too when 1 is not enough!

Stefan Artwin,Derek Sherinian: relocator featuring Derek Sherinian is avaialble now

News: gear monsters rss aggregator

Fabrizio Chiruzzi: infusion now on youtube!

Vincenzo Cavallo: very classy Italian shred this too!

Felipe Munoz: chordal and crazy interval shred this too

Todd Simpson: Mr Fretlight shred this too

Chuck Dietz: one million crazy guitar solo person shreds this too

Donato Begotti:Brutus Live - Suono Crunch

Alex Berserker: Jean Fontanille Contest

Pit Kordus: even with a seven year break you can shred this too!

Jonathan Graham: shred this too in black and white

Luca Dall'Oro: more hot Shred this Too... Italian style!

Dragianni: squeezes in to Shred This Too!

Benedetto Pomante: super cool guess the tune shred this too!

Francesco Paolo Scurti: lefty shred this too!