Larry Mitchell: an evening with the master...

Nahuel Schiumarini: a little dorian jam

Vlatko Stefanovski: a little exotic Russian fusion

Brandon Panther: a little garage blues

Dave Celentano: live tapping solo

Paul Gilbert, Bruce Bouillet: Racer X

Goofyke: Greg Howe style fusion improvisation

Gustavo Zagonel: fusion guitar

Olivier Castellat: spain improvisation

Tommy Bolin: Sister Andrea (Demo 1971)

John Cassio: a little rock fusion # 2

Moreno Vadini: tribute to "Billo"

Richie Kotzen: LIVE - Kulturbastion Torgau series

Dave Martone: Classical and Flamenco Evening

Tony MacAlpine: short and sweet

Faraz Anwar: Guitar Workshop at LUMS

Giorgio Rovati: jazz metal

Sam Bell: Crazy cover of Gangsters Paradise

Charles Altura: Virgil Donati Band Highlights

Brett Garsed, TJ Helmerich: Frankenstein Cherokee

Sam Coulson: theme from the Godfather.

Tiago de Moura: Rain